Online Graduate Certificate in Genetics & Genomics
Decoding the World of Clinical Genetics at UConn  

A 100% online, 12-credit, 4-course graduate certificate facilitated by UConn faculty to: 

  • Reinforce concepts in diagnostic services, genomic medicine and counseling for patients with genetic-related health risks.
  • Introduce effective communication and support mechanisms.
  • Shape persons into strong advocates capable of providing psychosocial support while facilitating informed decision-making.

It is essential for all health care professionals to have a solid understanding of genetics and genomics given the rapidly evolving nature of this medical specialty, an increasing awareness and thirst for knowledge about personal health risks and genetics from the public sector, and the strengthened links between genomics and health outcomes.  

Through this online certificate program, you will gain an understanding of:

  • The mechanisms by which genetic and genomic variations influence health and contribute to human disease.
  • The foundational concepts and application of genetics and genomics in the context of human disease.
  • Fundamental mechanisms underlying typical and atypical development related to human embryology and teratology.
  • The theoretical framework, skill sets, and applications necessary to provide scientific communication of genetics and genomics, clinical resources, diagnoses, and counseling in the clinical setting.
  • The principles, clinical applications, and interpretation of genetic and genomic testing methods.

All credits earned in UConn's Clinical Genetics and Genomics Certificate may be transferable to the Health Care Genetics Professional Science Master's Degree as well as UConn's Genetic Counseling Master's Degree Program.

The application deadline for the Fall 2024 semester is Friday, June 21 at 11:59 p.m. EST. 

Application Deadline
Ends on: June 21, 2024