The Clinical Genetics and Genomics Online Graduate Certificate is comprised of four required courses (12-credits in total) that are offered in the semesters listed below. The certificate can be completed in less than one calendar year.

Note: Fall and Spring Clinical Genetics and Genomics courses are offered in accelerated 7-week formats. 

Fall Spring
ISG 5100 8/26 - 10/13/2024
ISG 5101 10/13 - 12/6/2024
ISG 5102 1/16 - 3/01/2024
ISG 5103 3/04 - 4/26/2024

ISG 5100 – Foundations of Genetic and Genomic Medicine (3-credits)

Foundational concepts and application of genetics and genomics in the context of human disease.


ISG 5101 – Principles of Human Embryology and Teratology (3-credits)

Investigation of fundamental mechanisms underlying normal and abnormal development related to embryogenesis and organogenesis. Relates defects in development to congenital anomalies.


ISG 5102 – Clinical Applications of Genetic and Genomic Technologies (3-credits)

Principles, clinical applications, and interpretation of genetic and genomic testing methods.


ISG 5103 – Theories and Methods of Clinical Genetics (3-credits)

Introduction to the theoretical framework, skill sets, and applications necessary to provide scientific communication of genetics and genomics, resources, diagnoses, and counseling in the clinical setting.